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On all ad sites, your property will glide quietly to the last pages of search results, reducing its visibility.

Making the Right Decisions When Selling Your Home

Thinking of selling property? What is the best way to do it in the current market? There are mainly two marketing formulas available to sellers – either on your own or with the help of real estate agents.

Sold versus unsold

Be aware that no matter which method you choose, the market shows that approximately 1 in 3 homes will never be sold. But there is hope: there are more houses for sale than buyers. Other reasons for unsold homes are:

Sellers did not get the price they wanted (a reason more and more frequent)
The seller did not find another house that suited their tastes, so they kept theirs
Sellers decided to stay and renovate
In short, it is important to consider these facts as to the method chosen to sell.

Estimate how much money you are willing to spend on marketing

Ask yourself how much you are willing to pay for marketing the property. Because of the current market, it is recommended to prioritize free tools or opt for a system that will make you pay only once the sale is made. Selling a property is often a very emotional process and experience shows that ALL homeowners believe they will sell very easily.

Sellers perceive their property as the most attractive and they think they will sell it in 1 or 2 weeks, at their price. They are wrong 95% of the time. Talk to friends or family members; you will see that everyone has had this perception at some point. Keep in mind that you may not be selling the property as easily as you thought.

Hiring a broker

Moreover, it is often in this situation that sellers choose to transfer the transaction to a broker. The market does not move according to each person, so most buyers and sellers rely on a professional. Free sites allow homeowners to initiate the sale of their property for free and, if the situation requires, they can transfer the sale to a broker without spending a fortune.

In addition, this strategy offers another advantage: even when transferring the sale to a broker, the sellers will continue to enjoy the visibility of free sites to help them sell faster. Luxury renovations in a modest neighborhood can hurt the seller. Upmarket renovations in a neighborhood with modest looks can make people lose on their investment.

Although people have invested significant amounts, buyers will not be willing to pay more for this type of renovation. To learn more, see LJ Hooker for details.